Soho Clarion

Soho Clarion

The quarterly magazine of the Soho Society

The Soho Clarion was first published in December 1973 on misappropriated paper and printed without permission on a London local authority duplication machine.  Since theses early days the magazine has been published 4 times a year giving a voice to the people of Soho and a space to communicate the work of The Soho Society.  The magazine is currently edited by Clare Lynch and continues to be published four times a year in February, June, September and December. We now proudly print the magazine of Soho in Soho at Pro-Media London,  3-5 Soho Street. 

Every copy, bar two (Winter 1985 issue 51 and Spring 2004 issue 116), of the magazine are available here chronicalling the work of the Soho Society and the lives and businesses of the people who have made Soho their home.  

If you would like to contribute to the magazine please email: clare.lynch@thesohosociety.org.uk

Soho Clarion advertising rates are as follows:

Full Page: 210mm x 297mm   £495 for 1 ad or £1400 for 4 ads(£350 each) 


Half Page: 210mm x 148mm  £275 for 1 ad or £800 for 4 ads (£200 each)


Quarter Page:105mm x 148mm =  £150 for 1 ad or £420 for 4 ads(£105 each)


Double box: 74mm x 105mm  £100 for 1 ad or £260 for 4  ads (£70 each)


Box: 74mm x 52mm  £50 for 1 ad or £160 for 4 ads (£35 each)


The magazine is published in February, June, September and December. 

Advertising artwork to be supplied as print-ready PDF with the following specifications: 


Resolution: 300 dpi 

Bleed: 3mm all edges 

Colour profile: CMYK