Clare Lynch
Administrator / Editor of Soho Clarion / co-host Soho Society Hour on Soho Radio
Clare is the first point of call at the Soho Society. She undertakes day to day administration along with many other tasks. For the past 18 months she has edited our quarterly magazine The Soho Clarion. She does this with the help and support of our many volunteers. Clare facilitates our community events including the Silver Sunday Tea Dance, Soho Waiters Race and Soho Village Fete once again working with our fantastic volunteers and community partners to realise these projects. Clare also co-hosts our weekly one hour talk show, The Soho Society Hour, on Soho Radio with Hon President of the Soho Society Leslie Hardcastle OBE.
Nina Davis
Nina is the newest member of our team. She is assisting with day to day activities of the Soho Society including membership, administration and events.
Steve Chambers
Planning Advisor
Steve is an urban planning lecturer and campaigner. He advises The Soho Society on urban planning and community rights. Steve facilitates the monthly planning and licensing group meetings.